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Since its creation in 1996 in Brussels, Transcultures has been promoting, supporting and developing interdisciplinary artistic and cultural exchanges, as well as innovative creative practices. Starting out from the relationship between the arts, digital technologies and the issues of contemporary society, Transcultures – installed at the site of the Abattoirs in Mons in 2008 to develop an inter-media Centre for electronic and sound cultures – designs, in cooperation with numerous Belgian and foreign partners, a programme of productions, broadcasts, residencies, workshops, publications, meetings and hybrid events including digital technologies. Apart from its activities during the year in Mons (at the ‘Frigo’ on the Abattoir site and in other places in the city more occasionally) and its regular participation in various Belgian and international events, Transcultures has been organising each year festivals such as City Sonic (sound-arts route in the centre of Mons each summer since 2003 –, and, since 2005, Les Transnumériques (platform and festival dedicated to digital cultures in Brussels, Mons and other partner towns and sites – Since 2010, Transcultures has also been a coordinator for the European Incubators for young artists for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and is co-organising several projects supported by the European Commission and bilateral/international cultural exchanges on various issues relating to digital arts. Transcultures is a founder-member of RAN, the International Network for the Digital Arts.

The funding contract between Transcultures and the FWB.

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rue de la Trouille,17 | 7000 Mons | Belgique
Tel : +32(0)65 59 08 89

  • soirée Essmaa-Transcultures (Le Frigo Mons), 2010

  • Performance av de Miha Ciglar & Miha Morvat TRACES (Mondaneum-Mons)
  • Performance Radicaux Libres de Gauthier Keyaerts & Natalia de Mello, Transnumériques, 2008

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