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Jean-Claude Dargeant

Jean-Claude Dargeant writes in French, English, Processing, XHTML, PHP, MySQL and R. For the show The Ultimate Company [p.89] (presented and directed by Valérie Cordy at the Rencontres d'Été of the Festival d'Avignon in July 2010, at the Bellone and at the Fabrique de Théâtre at the beginning of 2011), he wrote the text and developed the globalisation modelling prototype for Living Arts at the heart of the show.

Contact :
De-Marge asbl
rue des Alliés, 167
1190 Bruxelles
+32(0)478 87 92 72
Bibliothèque de Babel 2.0

The project The Library of Babel 2.0 represents a new writing form and enables the on-screen visualisation of Jose Luis Borges' The Library of Babel. This library fascinates through its simplicity and its sheer vastness, namely 251 312 000 books, a number 1 800 000 figures long (approximately). It contains everything that has been and may be written, ‘ diluted ’ into a mass of works containing merely strings of abstruse characters. The project consists of establishing systems of correspondence between the books and images on screen, defined by its size (number of lines and columns) and its colour code. For example, each of the 1 312 000 characters of a book from The Library of Babel can be associated withthe pixels of a 1 600 x 820 screen. An unequivocal correspondence between works from the library and contents of the screen is obtained by associating a colour with each of the 25 characters used in the Library. The proposed script is in the spirit of the QR codes used in ticketing or guidance systems (exhibition, website reference, etc.), the codification being generalised by the adoption of colour and the increase in size.

type of project : Installation
state of progress : Finished
support (s) of the FWB : Grant for design in 2010